Planet Jars

About Planet Jars:

Planet Jars ( is my personal website that I use to share my experiments on self-sustaining ecosystems that are hosted in, well, jars.

How do Ecosystems/Ecospheres work?:

Here's a quick run-down: Light comes into the ecosystem, feeding plants through photosynthesis, which in return provide food and oxygen for the life that inhabits said ecosystem. The life produces organic waste that is converted into carbon dioxide and other materials that feeds the plants, and so on, and so on. Here is a diagram from


How do you plan on making your Planet Jars?:

I usually take a clear container, anything from a mason jar to a stripped pepsi bottle. Then, I put aquarium plants, such as moss or anything you can find in the fish aisle at your local pet store. You can stop at this point, but many people like to put brine or cherry shrimp in their jars. I, personally, have yet to do this, because this can make the project fairly expensive. However, I hope I can add them in the near future!